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Many of us have come across a scandal embedded in a mess that God used to send a message that transformed our lives by turning our hearts toward God. Pastor Nicola Smith of Strong Tower Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia, our Boundaries XP Coach, has honestly taught vital lessons in our video spotlight. Are you in a mess? Are you seeking a message of deliverance, restoration, forgiveness, and wholeness? Have you ever been involved in an unethical act or circumstance? Have you done something disgraceful but escaped detection? Do you feel frightened, ashamed, or traumatized as a result of hypocritical and self-righteous people, including fellow believers? If this is the case, you are not alone. In life, we will ALL need God's Grace to attend, assist, save, and abound us. We ALL need to know that Jesus transforms us with His unwavering love and unfailing grace. We must remember that messes become messages when GRACE steps in! We, your XP Coaches, are excited to share with you in the hopes that you will transform and soar toward your neXt. Not only that, but we can't wait to show up for you on September 8th and 9th.

Yes, Coach Nicola!

Yes, Coach Jeff!

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Are you failing to address the source of your problems in order to be both properly prepared and positioned for what lies ahead in your life? Pastor Jeffrey Smith of Strong Tower Church and president of JSS Consulting Inc. in Fredericksburg, Virginia, our Boundaries XP & Three C's XP Coach, brilliantly teaches you key lessons to stop popping off and discontinue living a thirsty life because of your unmet childhood needs. You are not alone. We ALL want to replenish our empty cups! We ALL need to know that we have support, especially when we are undertaking something difficult. Until September 8th and 9th, watch our first video spotlight.

Yes, Coach Tim!

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Are you struggling with uncertainty in order to be properly prepared and positioned for what lies ahead in your life? Dr. Timothy Williams of New Beginnings Community Church (Worldwide), TWI (Tim Williams International) Coaching and Consulting, and Tim Williams Ministries, our Mental Detox XP & Transition XP Coach, teaches you an in-depth lesson to develop unwavering faith in the midst of your doubts and uncertainties. Jesus is THE ANSWER Who gives us enough evidence to hold on while going through! We ALL need to know that we don't need to look any further than Jesus, for Jesus IS enough! Until September 8th and 9th, watch our second video spotlight.

After a three-day intensive with Dr. Lucas, I celebrate how she aided God in working in the room (me) and gaining critical components that supported me in discovering solutions for what was truly neXt beyond
the dark clouds of a disastrous divorce and
a miserable ministry decision.

Rev. Mark P.


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